Ongoing Projects

Ok, having updated the site, I feel I need to post more regularly, so, all being well, expect some more ramblings from me. I thought I would start with an update on various projects. First, I have just finished a chapter on air power at Gallipoli that should appear in early 2018. The role of … Continue reading Ongoing Projects


What Value Writing?

I have just started working on an aspect of one of my next major research projects, which is about the culture, ethos and ethics of the Royal Australian Air Force. Specifically, I have started mapping the contributions that RAAF personnel have made to the Australian Defence Force Journal since its establishment in 1976. In short, … Continue reading What Value Writing?

Breaking the Duck…Or Publishing that First Article!

I can now announce that my first article has now been published. It is entitled,'"The support afforded by the air force was faultless": The Royal Air Force and the Raid on Dieppe, 19 August 1942' and has been published in the Canadian journal Canadian Military History (CMH) that is published by the Laurier Centre for … Continue reading Breaking the Duck…Or Publishing that First Article!


What is the Point of the Literature Review?

This is a genuine question. What is it for? We are told that it is there to highlight the wider literature the surrounds our research. It is to: Situate your research focus within the context of the wider academic community in your field Report your critical review of the relevant literature Identify a gap within … Continue reading What is the Point of the Literature Review?


Writing and Publishing…

The last couple of weeks have seen me working furiously on a couple of projects that will now come, hopefully, to fruition. Well it had to happen eventually. I have just signed the contract for my first book. It is an edited collection based on a symposium that I co-organised at the Centre for War … Continue reading Writing and Publishing…