Do you need some historical research undertaken? Do you need a project written? Are you looking to understand an aspect of your family’s history? Then I can help.

I am a professional historian based in Brisbane, Queensland – you can find out more about me here. I have over a decade of experience in the education and heritage sectors. During this time I have undertaken a number of research projects including the completion of my PhD. I am available to undertake several roles ranging from, but not limited to, project consultancy, archival research, report writing, and exhibition development.

Why employ a professional historian?

As a professional historian, I am a passionate and enthusiastic individual who brings together a wide range of skills, experience, and ideas for projects. I am highly qualified with degrees from the University of Birmingham (PhD and MPhil) and University of Wolverhampton (BA and PGCE) in the United Kingdom. My work has ranged from the curation of temporary exhibitions to conducting oral history interviews as well as vast experience of archival research. I can manage projects from the beginning to the delivery of the final product to your requirements.

What forms can history take?

History is a conversation without end. As such, it can be interpreted and presented in many ways ranging from exhibitions, formal publications through to talks and documentaries. Given my professional experience, I can produce a range of products tailored to your requirements.


Each project is unique. As such, a competitive quote will be provided for the project based on your requirements. All quotes will include a breakdown of terms and conditions for the project and delivery times.

If you are interested in employing me, then please get in contact.