The RAF and the F-117

[Cross-posted from From Balloons to Drones] In the past couple of days, several sources have reported on the fact that in 1986, the US President, Ronald Reagan, offered Britain the opportunity to co-operate on stealth technology and purchase the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk. Details of the project, codenamed MOONFLOWER, have become known through the recent release … Continue reading The RAF and the F-117


Using Google Scholar Alerts as a Research Tool

Historians, and most academics for that matter, can be very parochial. We tend to look in the same sources for information. We tend to look down our own silos. For example, as a military historian it could be easily assumed that I only look at a few journals such as the Journal of Military History, … Continue reading Using Google Scholar Alerts as a Research Tool

The Rise and Fall of…

Thanks to Brett over at Airminded for bringing this to my attention. It is Google's Ngram Viewer, which I have to admit is rather cool. The basis of it is that you can insert key terms that will search the Google Books database and illustrate trends and patterns over a given time period. As Brett … Continue reading The Rise and Fall of…


The Importance of Backing up your Work…

This may seem like a fairly obvious thing to do for a PhD student but this past week has really brought home the necessity of making sure that you regularly back-up your research. On Sunday my home was broken into and both mine and my Uncle's laptops were stolen. In addition my camera, an important … Continue reading The Importance of Backing up your Work…


War Cabinet (ukwarcabinet) on Twitter

War Cabinet (ukwarcabinet) on Twitter This is a great post-blogging project using the social media Twitter. The purpose of it is to: Watch WWII unfold day by day through original Cabinet Papers from 1940 held at The National Archives. This shows what a great tool sites like Twitter can be. There is a lot of stuff … Continue reading War Cabinet (ukwarcabinet) on Twitter


Museum Visits

While doing research over the past few months I been able to visit both sites of the RAF Museum at Hendon and Cosford. Hendon was for research and Cosford was a day out at Christmas. I have posted a load of photos here. While in some academic circles interest in the weapons of war is … Continue reading Museum Visits