I must admit that over the past few weeks my writing mojo has left me somewhat. There are lots of reasons for this that I will not dwell on too much here. Despite this, over at From Balloons to Drones we have been running a series in conjunction with The Central Blue on issues related to high-intensity warfare in the twenty-first century. These articles provided the intellectual underpinnings to a seminar on high-intensity warfare that was held on 22 March by the Williams Foundation in Canberra, Australia. The series saw a wide-range of topics dealt with including professional military education, electronic warfare and, of course, the ever-constant discussions about the role of drones in future warfare. Despite my writing block, I managed to contribute an article on air force culture and some of the questions that an understanding of culture raises about the effectiveness of air forces in the twenty-first century. This draws on some of the research that I am currently undertaking on the culture, ethos, and ethics of the Royal Australian Air Force. You can find the article here.

Header Image: RAF Remotely Piloted Air System ‘Wings’, which differ from the current RAF pilot badge by having blue laurel leaves to identify the specialisation. (Source: UK MoD Defence Imagery)


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