I am pleased, and proud, to note that this September I will be giving my first every keynote address at a conference. I have presented at many conferences and delivered lots of public lectures but to be asked to give a keynote is a singular honour. I have no doubt that this has come about because of my position at the RAF Museum. While I have worked had to develop the Museum’s Research Programme, I am also aware that in developing this I have also furthered my own reputation. This is not gloating of any sort but a realistic reflection on what is a reciprocal relationship between the individual and the organisation.

The conference in question is ‘Over Here: Tangmere’s Transatlantic Connections.’ This is a conference that forms part of a community history project run by the University of Chichester and funded by Gateways to the First World War and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The conference is being organised by Dr Ross Wilson of the University of Chichester, and it seeks to examine:

[t]he transatlantic connections between the United States and Britain during the First World War. It coincides with the centenary of the arrival of US Army servicemen in Britain and the development of the Tangmere aerodrome. The conference will discuss both the history of aviation during the First World War and the cultural, social and political affects of the transatlantic alliance which developed during the conflict.

The theme of the of my keynote will be on the place of air power as part of the transatlantic alliance during the First World War. I am looking forward to both the event and the opportunity.


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