It is not very often that you hear about a funded Ph.D. opportunity in the field of air power history. As such, it would be remiss of me not to share it with the wider world. The details were passed on to me by Dr Phillips O’Brien at the University of Glasgow, and the project is entitled, ‘The influence of Aerospace Technology on Airpower Theory: From the Second World War to the War on ‘Terror’’. Here are the details from the website:

Project Description: The student selected will write his/her Ph.D. on the interaction of aerospace technology and airpower theory. It could be done as a survey of a number of important case studies in the 20th and 21st centuries. These could include strategic bombing in the Second World War, Airpower and negotiating strategy in the Vietnam War, Airpower theory and technology in the First Gulf War, the air campaign against Serbia over Kosovo, and finally the War on ‘Terror.’ The student would be expected to study how technological developments have led to changes in targeting and political risk. The student would be expected to perform statistical analyses, strategic and security data projection studies, risk investigations using state-of the-art engineering tools, and modelling and simulation of the anticipated scenarios and future trends using optimisation techniques—taking into consideration the case studies identified. In that way the student could provide an extremely valuable study, taking advantages of real expertise at Glasgow University, and have real impact on an international discussion of great importance.

Person Specification: 1st Class or 2:1 Masters degree in a subject with relevant connection with the subject such as : Engineering (Aerospace, Mechanical), Maths, Physics, Economics, History, War Studies, International Relations, Politics, etc.

Application details: Interested Applicants should make contact with the supervisors of the project, Dr. Phillips O’Brien ( and Professor Konstantinos Kontis (

Deadline: Friday 22 January 2016

More details can be found here.


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