At the RAF Museum we have lots of aircraft that hang from ceiling in dynamic poses and these are notable in our Milestone hanger at Hendon and the Cold War Exhibition at Cosford. Indeed, this form of display is increasingly used by museum as they seek to interpret object in the natural setting. What is more natural for an aircraft than to be hanging in mid-air. However, this is major engineering challenge and decisions have to be taken such as where to place mounting point both on the aircraft and buildings. This is especially important on older aircraft constructed of wood and fabric; this is a key consideration currently being considered by the RAF Museum for our forthcoming First World War in the Air exhibition. This time lapse video shows the process using DA2, the prototype Eurofighter Typhoon that hangs in the RAF Museum’s Milestone Hanger. It is not an easy move.


3 thoughts on “Hanging Aircraft

  1. Yes, one of the requirements in the Air Force museums is to have a structural engineer look it over first. Just because that is the hoist point on the aircraft does not always mean you can hang the aircraft from that point. Plus, we require a check of the cables and beams every three years by the engineer.

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