If you are a War Studies candidate based in the UK then please go answer this poll on the Birmingham “On War” blog.

Birmingham "On War"

We are currently conducting some initial research into the career aspirations and employability of War Studies graduates in the UK after they complete their PhDs (Please do not answer the poll if you are not a War Studies PhD Candidate). We are simply interested to know what you are planning to do once you have completed your PhD and why. For the purpose of this poll War Studies is broadly defined and includes those undertaking research in the fields of politics, international relations, philosophy, sociology, history and strategic studies where it interfaces with the phenomena of war. Comments are more than welcomed to support the quantitative data provided by the poll. For example, has your choice always been the same or has it been affected by the PhD process? When providing a comment please state your institution, year of study and area of research.  We very much look forward to…

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