I can now announce that my first article has now been published. It is entitled,'”The support afforded by the air force was faultless”: The Royal Air Force and the Raid on Dieppe, 19 August 1942′ and has been published in the Canadian journal Canadian Military History (CMH) that is published by the Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic and Disarmament Studies. I am very proud of this work as it is a distillation of my MPhil thesis that I completed in 2009. Actually one of the amazing aspects of its production was that I managed to condense 40,000 words into roughly 7,000 without losing the key argument of my original thesis. In some respect it just shows the amount of detail that is added to theses in explaining their key theme. Here is the abstract for the article:

The failure of Operation Jubilee, the raid on Dieppe, has partially been attributed to the failure of the RAF to provide the bomber support needed to support the landings. This fallacious argument, based on hindsight and a lack of understanding of the RAF’s capabilities at this point in the war, requires revision. This article examines the doctrinal and operational context of the RAF forces involved in Jubilee. Prewar combined operations doctrine stated that the key role for air power was the maintenance of air superiority. The absence of heavy bombers at Dieppe did not doom the operation. The RAF contributed significantly to the operation by seeking to battle the Luftwaffe in the manner that it did during Jubilee, and as such, it provided the most appropriate protection that it could for the assault forces.

I would like to publicly thank Mike Bechthold at CMH for his help and guidance in seeing this project through from conception through peer review to publication. Mike was a supportive editor and I would suggest that if you are writing an article on Canadian military history then CMH is a great place to publish. Actually my decision to publish with CMH was based on a comment Mike made in a panel on publishing at the 2011 Society for Military History conference. Mike mentioned that we should not forget our intended audience when looking to publish an article. With the numerous journals in existence there is always a right place publish an article. This sage advice stuck with me and accounts in no small measure for my decision to approach Mike with the idea. I am also honoured that it has been published in an edition of the journal that deals with the 70th Anniversary of the raid itself.

I would also like to take the opportunity to publicly thank my parents for all their support and help over the years as I pursue my career. Additionally my PhD supervisors, Air Commodore (ret’d) Dr Peter Gray and Professor Gary Sheffield have always been supportive of my ideas and work. Gary supervised the MPhil thesis on which this article is based. Also, thanks to my many friends who have always listened to my procrastination on this subject and numerous others.


7 thoughts on “Breaking the Duck…Or Publishing that First Article!

  1. Congratulations, hoping I can do the same eventually myself. Just have to figure out where my research fits…(sigh). I hope to be on the same PhD path when I retire in a few years. Until then, I’ll keep following for tips. Thanks for a great blog.

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