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I recently began the process of forming a research group dedicated to the study of operational military history of the Second World War. Its primary purpose is to bring together UK based academics working in this field in order to provide a network for ideas and to engage with interested parties through organised events. I must thank Dr Jonathan Fennell (KCL), Dr Marcus Faulkner (KCL), Dr Matthew Ford (Hull) and Dr Bryn Hammond (IWM) for their initial support and encouragement in the idea. The group continues to receive support from key individual and all I can say is watch this space for future development. You can find the groups website here.

About The Second World War Operations Research Group

The Second World War Operations Research Group is a forum for UK based scholars interested in, and actively engaged in research concerning aspects of the operational military history of the Second World War. It seeks to organise academic events, publish articles, online essays and occasional research papers.

Its primary purpose is to facilitate interaction among scholars from different parts of the UK who share an interest in this topic. As such, it seeks to act as a central hub for academics examining the operational military history of the Second World War.

The Group seeks to extend the reach of the informal network of academics attached to various UK universities and institutions such as museums. It takes a transient position and is not affiliated to a single institution, thus allowing it to facilitate co-operation between academics.

The Second World War Operations Research Group seeks to highlight the work of those academics attached to the group.

The term Second World War is broadly defined and encapsulates the pre- and early post-war eras. As such, it is concerned with the planning, conduct and representations of operations on land, sea and air during the Second World War, the inter-war period, and the impact that the war had on operations in the early Cold War era. This covers numerous important fields such as:

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Planning
  • Leadership and Command
  • Morale and Motivation
  • Doctrine and Training
  • The Experience of Battle and War
  • Preparations for war
  • Technology
  • Intelligence
  • Logistics
  • Ethics and Legitimacy

If you are an academic working in either the university or museum sector, or a PhD candidate based in the UK and you would like to get involved then please Contact Us.


One thought on “Introducing the Second World War Operations Group

  1. Dear Sir,
    Starting at 4.30pm on the 25th of September, a commemoration will take place in the Petruskerk in Hees, Nijmegen, marking seventy years since the crash of a British Mitchell Mk.II medium bomber close to the church, resulting in the deaths of both Air Force personnel and Dutch civilians. This is to be a very unusual memorial service due to the length of the intervening time, and also important, with the Mayor of Nijmegen Hubert Bruls, a 95-year old eyewitness, members of 320 Squadron, and relatives of the air crew, and finishing with a Spitfire flypast! More information here…


    and here…


    Kind regards,

    Steve Dyke.

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