The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that I have once again changed the design of the site. I am constantly looking for a nice clean design and I think that the theme I am now using offers this. Also changes in the’s functionality now allows for a static front page rather than the obligatory blog page. I prefer this. To be honest this functionality may have already been there and I have been late to notice it. Nonetheless, I think it makes the site appear more professional and clean, though the pictures of aircraft had to stay (well I am an air power historian after all).  As always thoughts are welcomed.


3 thoughts on “Re-designed website…

  1. Cheers Robert. Next step I think is to buy the web address but that can wait until I have more money. I hope the new baby is not keeping you awake too much?

  2. I don’t mind forking on the cash for my own web address. I consider it a research expense, ha. Anton isn’t much of a sleeper, but he’s well worth the lack of sleep.

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