I have just come across a Call for Papers in the journal Global War Studies on the theme of ‘1944: Seventy Years On’. Given the scope of the conference I am considering looking at putting together a panel proposal that deals with the role of air power during 1944, and as such I am looking for interested parties who would like to be involved. My paper will most likely focus on an aspect of the use of air power during the Normandy Campaign. At the moment my ideas are very loose and a specific theme could be refined as any potential proposal is moved forward. If you are interested please feel free to either reply to this post or drop me an email using the link in the side bar.

Here is the conference call:

Call for Papers:

1944: Seventy Years On

14-17 April 2014, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Global War Studies and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst are pleased to announce an international conference on the Second World War with 1944 as the core theme. The conference seeks to promote an interdisciplinary and international study of the period 1919-1945 by means of drawing upon the latest scholarship from a variety of disciplines. Papers dealing with one or more of the following topics are welcome and while 1944 is the focus, papers covering other periods or taking thematic approaches are also encouraged.

Military Operations / Naval Warfare / Air Power / Intelligence / Homefront

Alliance Politics / The Holocaust / Neutral States / Theaters of War

Economics / Grand Strategy / Mobilization / Industry

Displaced Persons / Prisoners of War / Science & Technology


5 thoughts on “Call for Panelists – 1944: Seventy Years On

  1. That’s a very early call for papers! I might be interested in helping to put together a panel on air power, but I’m not sure that I can plan that far out.

  2. Mike,

    I should have kept the date when the Cfp closes on the post. The final date for submissions for papers/panels is 13 March next year, which gives a bit of time to plane, I hope.

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