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The provisional schedule for the seminar series at the Centre for War Studies at the University of Birmingham has been released. There are some very interesting papers being presented this year. There are a couple of interesting air power related papers and I am particularly looking forward to Air Vice-Marshal Professor Tony Mason‘s introduction of a series of interviews that he conducted with Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris and Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC. These interviews were conducted when Tony was Director of Defence Studies for the RAF in the 1970s. I have seen elements of the Harris interview and it offers a unique view of Harris. All the more interesting given that Harris did not often give interviews.

Provisional Programme:

2 October 2012 – Colonel (Rtd) David Benest (late The Parachute Regiment), ‘2 PARA Falklands – 30 Years On’

9 October 2012 – Professor Michael S. Neiberg (US Army War College), ‘1914: A New Look at an Old Problem’

16 October 2012 – Air Vice-Marshal Professor Tony Mason CB CBE DL (University of Birmingham), ‘The Harris and Cheshire Interviews – Exclusive Footage’

23 October 2012 – Professor Mustafa Aksakal (Georgetown University), ‘The Ottoman Empire and the First World War

6 November 2012 – Patrick Longson (University of Birmingham), ‘Germanophobia, Press Antagonism and a German Panic? 1902-1904’

13 November 2012 – Professor Andrew Lambert (King’s College London), ‘The War of 1812’

20 November 2012 – Matthew Powell (University of Birmingham), ‘A Forgotten Revolution?: Army Co-operation Command and Artillery Reconnaissance, 1940-42’

27 November 2012 – Dr Keith Shear (University of Birmingham), ‘Colonel Coetzee’s War: Loyalty, Subversion and the South African Police, 1939-1945’

15 January 2013 – Mr Paul Fantom (University of Birmingham), ‘Zeppelins over the Black Country: 1916’

22 January 2013 – Dr Rob Johnson (University of Oxford) ‘True to their Salt? Partnering Auxiliary Forces, Then and Now’

29 January 2013 – Dr Andrew Preston (Clare College, University of Cambridge), ‘Religion and the Vietnam War’

5 February 2013 – Mr Paul Harris (King’s College London), ‘The Men Who Planned the War: The Staff of the British Army on the Western Front 1914-18’

19 February 2013 – Dr John Carman & Dr Patricia Carman (University of Birmingham), ‘Bloody Meadows: Investigating Battlefields as Landscapes’

26 February 2013 – Dr Heather Jones (London School of Economics), ‘A Case Study of the British Campaign Against the Blockade of Germany and Austria, 1918-1919’

5 March 2013 – Dr John Bourne (University of Birmingham), ‘The BEF on 29 September 1918’

12 March 2013 – Professor Gary Sheffield (University of Birmingham), ‘Sir Henry Rawlinson: A Reassessment’

30 April 2013 – THE JOHN TERRAINE LECTURE – Professor Brian Bond, ‘Clash of Titans: John Terraine and Basil Liddell Hart’ (to be confirmed)

Please note that the The seminar meets on Tuesdays at 17.30 in Lecture Room 3, 1st Floor, Arts Building, University of Birmingham.


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