As I tweeted a couple of weeks ago I have been offered a place as a West Point Fellow on their Summer Seminar in Military History. As of yesterday I have accepted the place. This is a great opportunity and honour. From what I can tell it is a competitive scheme so to be picked is fantastic. I keep on saying to myself that this is so cool. Childish I know but I am over the moon with the opportunity. Having looked at the provisional itinerary we were sent it will be an intensive couple of weeks with several staff rides included. The current itinerary includes a couple of days at Gettysburg, Fort Ticonderoga and Saratoga. American military history has always been a bit of interest but as I have become much more specialised it has been something that has been left by the wayside  However, I keen to compare the experience of the RAF and USAAF/USAF so this offer some opportunity to do some reading on the American experience and lay the groundwork for some future projects. Besides the staff rides there is a busy and comprehensive schedule of lecture/seminars that are being led by some of the leading scholars in their respective field. For example, Professor Clifford Rogers will give a session on the Military Revolution debate.

I plan to blog my experience so watch this space. I will either do it while I am there or I will do a series of posts when I get back reflecting on the experience. In the meantime I recommend reading Tanya Roth’s experience of the seminar from last year.


5 thoughts on “Off to West Point…

  1. You will find the Adirondacks reeks with American history. Fort Ticonderoga. Lake George. Saratoga. Crown Point. Cross over into Vermont to Bennington. Lake Champlain is home to the battle of Valcour Island, October 1776. Yes, upstate New York is a hotbed of American history.

    Mark Albertson

  2. Mark I sure it has lots of history and I am looking forward to finding out more.

    Thanks David. I am looking forward to the session. Some very interesting topics will be covered by the look of the provisional timetable we have recieved.

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