A couple of new editions to the library for the new year…

Leonard Mosley, Battle of Britain: The Making of a Film (London: Pan Books, 1969) – An interesting book that tells the story of the making of the famous 1969 film. It is punctuated with descriptions of the real events thatcertain scenes were supposed to represent. For example, it provides a useful description of the infamous scene with Dowding, Park and Leigh-Mallory in Dowding’s office, which was a cinematic representation of some of the heated discussion that occurred at the Air Ministry. It’s history is out of date but as a source on the making of the film it is a very useful book.

Andrew Brookes, V-Force: The History of Britain’s Airborne Deterrent (London: Jane’s, 1982) – This is a useful history of the development of the RAF. However, it is a bit dated and perhaps needs updating given the availability of sources. While there are many works on Britain’s nuclear policy there is still a gap for a work that examines the development of the V-Force and the experience of its crews and Bomber Command in this period. Indeed, one aspect that interested me was the influx a fighter crews into Bomber Command from AOC-in-C down. Both Broadhurst and Cross were men with fighter experience and this represented a shift in the organisational culture of the command at a time of heightened tension. Something to examine I think…


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