Anthony Cummings, The Royal Navy and the Battle of Britain (Naval Institute Press, 2010) – This book will help to stir the hornet’s nest in this the 70th Anniversary of the battle. It is based on the authors PhD thesis from the University of Plymouth. While it is a good read I already have some issues with his definition of the Battle. Also in many respects it is not a new argument with Derek Robinson having written on it recently and H R Allen back in 1970. In many respects it is a reactionary thesis to what the author sees as an over concentration of the few. As mentioned it has caused controversy in the past. For example, see this Telegraph article from 2006 and the associated rebuttal from the 3 JSCSC historians who became embroiled in this debate. While this book does a good job of bringing academic focus to the RN’s role I hope one day to see a book that deals with battle as a Combined Operation to truly understand its significance.


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