In the next couple of weeks I will be attending a couple of interesting Air Power related events. First, on 23 September I will be delivering a paper at the first Air Power Studies Postgraduate Symposium at the University of Birmingham. I will be delivering a paper about my thesis project and discussing some of the issues related to it. It looks like a great line with some interesting papers and some very interesting guest lectures from noted historians.

The second event that I am attending is this years Conference organised by the Royal Air Force’s Centre for Air Power Studies. This conference, entitled ‘Twenty Years in Iraq: RAF Operations in the Gulf since 1990’, looks to be an interesting event with a good line. The best thing is that it is free to attend. I am going to go down and staying the night before so that I can go and do some research in the Joint Services Command and Staff College Library. While I am not delivering a paper, I had considered doing something of JP233 but decided against it, it is a good opportunity to further my links with various academics. I know that Travis from Exploring Air Power is going to be there so that is a start.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events…

  1. Alas it looks like I’m not going to be able to make the Symposium, as it’s in the middle of the induction week at Manchester and we’ve got some events going on there. Hope all goes well though, and keep your admiring readers updated…

  2. Jakob that is a shame. I shall keep everyone updated. I will try and make some notes from the day nad post some bits when I get a chance.

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