A couple of interesting books landed on my doormat in the past week…

Herbert Johnson, Wingless Eagle: US Army Aviation through World War I (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2001) – This is an interesting work on the early years of air power in the US Army. It combines an operational examination of its success and failures with an examination of some of the wider issues that impacted air power development at the time. Of particular interest was the role that the Aero Club of America played as a lobbying body in the US. It also has chapters that deal with the Wright Patent case, the Court Martial of Lieutenant Colonel Goodier and the Hays Commission.

Robert Saundby, Air Bombardment: The Story of its Development (London: Chatto and Windus, 1961) – This work was written by Air Marshal Sir Robert Saundby who was eminently qualified to write about bombing having served as Deputy AOC-in-C of Bomber Command during the Second World War. This is one of two books that he wrote on the subject of air power; the other being How the Bomber and the Missile Brought the Third Dimension to Warfare. The book attempts to deal with the question of what was the future of the manned bomber.  Saundby has attempted to analyse its development from the First World War and then offers some useful discussion on the Second World War, in particular areas with which he was intimately involved. He then offers some thoughts for the future.

It is a good to see another blog on air power on the net. The blog, called Examining Air Power, is run by Travis Hallen an officer in the RAAF and a PhD student. The focus is on the contemporary use of air power and should offer some useful discussions of the problems facing air power in the 21st Century.


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