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Here is a great caricature I found in Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory’s papers at the RAF Museum this past Thursday. It shows Leigh-Mallory running a rapier through Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering.[1] I think it is great euphemism for the battle between the RAF and the Luftwaffe. Also it shows Leigh-Mallory as the valiant fighter against the evil enemy, perhaps a link to the perhaps a link to the aces ideal of the ‘Knights of the Air’ in combat. It is noted dated but I suspect it is from late 1942 when Leigh-Mallory had taken over from Douglas as head of Fighter Command. Also if anyone knows who the artist is let me know. There is an artist’s mark in the corner.

[1] AC 71/24/4/24 ‘Caricature of Air Vice Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory puncturing Hermann Goering with a rapier, c. 1942’, Papers of Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, Department of Research and Information Services, RAF Museum, Hendon


5 thoughts on “Caricature of Leigh-Mallory…

  1. I suspect the artist was eastern European, as the signature slug appears to use Cyrillic characters. The ‘frame’ is a peh (p), the left vertical line and circle is an eff, the p-e-c is r-e-s, and the right vertical line and ‘tail’ is an n.

    Or, it could be “opec” in a nice frame with a hooky h-thing at the end.

  2. While going through his papers, did you come across anything that explained why he suddenly reversed his earlier opinion and tried to persuade Ike, Montgomery, and Bradley to cancel the U.S. airborne operations behind Utah Beach?

  3. Hi Flint,

    The simple answer is no. His personal papers are really devoid of anything of great use. I suspect this is an outcome of his early death. He never had the oppurtunity to accrue anything. The tendency with personal papers is that senior officers gathered significant correspondence regarding their service after the war. This simply did not happen for L-M.

    There is some information on his views of the utility of airborne forces in the RAF’s AHB narrative. He was not alone in his views, the Cheif of the Air Staff, Portal, supported his position on their utility.

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