Firstly, Happy 2010 everyone.

The eagle-eyed amongst us will notice I have changed the blog template. I have also inserted a custom header. Its fun playing around with editing software. Why? Well with me going back into full-time education I decided a change was in order. Until know the blog has just dealt principle with posts relating to aspects of my MPhil i.e. I posted bits to gauge comments. There was no reason for me to post about my experience as a student because I was doing it by distance and part-time, therefore, there really was no experience to it. This will change in 10 days time when I start my PhD as I will be a full-time student. Therefore, I will also be blogging about my experience as a PhD student at the University of Birmingham. I have already put a couple of posts up about a couple of bits but hopefully as I go along they will become more meaningful and hopefully useful to anyone who reads them. On a flashy not I thought the custom header better represented my interest in Air Power anyway…

Hopefully my posts will be as useful as the ones I have found here and here, well worth a read…

More soon…


5 thoughts on “New Year…New Start

  1. Good luck with your studies Ross. I thought when I saw your comment on my blog that you seemed familiar and then I remembered that you are one of the writers on my blog Military History Blog. I hope you will post some things there as well in the future. Best wishes.


  2. Thank you Daniel. Yes I always meant to make some posts but working full-time and doing part-time research got in the way of many things I planned. I hope to correct that in the future. How is your reasearch going?

  3. Ross,

    My research is going well. I finished my MA dealing with Civil War camps of instruction in Illinois in Aug. 2008 and am now working in North Dakota history for my Ph.D., but military history will always be my first love. I saw your post on MHB, which is great (been home for the holidays). Focus on your Ph.D. and post when you can.

    Take care,


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