In one of those random searches and networking moments I have found the website and blog of Jeremy Konsbruck who is a PhD student at the University of Wolverhampton and is being supervised by my old tutor Professor John Buckley. Jeremy’s research, on the Armoured Brigades of 21st Army Group, should be interesting and I look forward to reading more as it is something that I have more than a passing interest in. The British Army, and its units, of the Second World War has not received the same scholarly attention as there counterparts of the First World War and many of the traditional interpretation of the Army’s performance needs to be overhauled. Welcome to the Blogosphere.

A couple of other blogs I have come across in the past few weeks and forgotten to mentions are:

On a separate note with me heading back to university in January I have decided I better get back into the archives so Tuesday will see me heading to the lovely sight and smell of the National Archives.  It is strange how I missed it. I have not been since April when I finished off a final small bits that I needed for my MPhil and had to concentrate on writing up. Anyway I am going to have a look at Leigh-Mallory’s First World War service in order to start conceptualizing his development as an officer and leader.


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