Couple of additions to the library arrived this past week…

Christina Goulter, A Forgotten Offensive: Royal Air Force’s Anti-Shipping Campaign, 1940-1945 (London: Frank Cass, 1995) – An important contribution to the history of the RAF and in particular its contribution to maritime air power.

Vincent Orange, Tedder: Quietly in Command (London: Routledge, 2006) – A useful addition to Orange’s biographies of RAF airmen. Tedder is one of the most important airmen in the history of the RAF. Serving as deputy commander in Europe and then as the first CAS of the post-war RAF he often dealt with numerous difficult problems and personalities. It is interesting to note that he hasn’t dealt with Leigh-Mallory or Douglas, but that is an issue I will deal with at a later date.

I have also added a few e-books to the collection. The Canadian Directorate of Heritage and History has a download section with various publications. Of interest to those of us interested in air power are the RCAF’s official history of the Second World War and there are a few interesting titles on the development of naval aviation in Canada. There are also copies of the Canadian official history of both the First and Second World War.


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