Its been a while since I posted about new blogs but over the past few months I have become aware of a couple of interesting new blogs.

First up is a blog by Military Historian Paul Reed. Paul is well known in British circles especially for his role in working with the BBC. Paul is also in the process of forming the WW2 Society, a project that I was involved in at the start but I could stick with for various reasons. This project deserves peoples support.

Another blog is from Robert Thompson. Robert is about to begin his PhD at the University of Southern Mississippi and hopefully we shall see some interesting posts very soon. In actual fact we may see some dual posts from me and Robert on our PhD experiences in the US and UK.

Towards Terrormindedness is an interesting blog from Mats Fridlund and deals with how our culture has evolved to deal with the issue of Terrorism and its historical antecedents.

Allan Allport launched a blog the other months as a compliment to his new book on the demobilisation process in Britain at the end of the war. He is post-blogging the process with some interesting posts being made every day.

Finally a blog I spotted a while back but never mentioned is a blog about Ernst Junger’s work Storm of Steel, one of the key works that came out of the First World War. Some interesting posts being made about the work.

So more Military History in the blogosphere. Excellent.


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