Here is some contemporary German Propaganda footage of the Dieppe Raid. Makes for interesting viewing about the attack.

As to the validity of the footage I am not sure so if anyone has more information I would be interested.

One thing about youtube I like is some of the comments made by people. This piece has a few comments made by Canadians who still insist on blaming the British for throwing Canadians into this operation. The reality is more to do with the fact that by 1942 the Canadians are looking to be used in a major operations. All of this comes back to the debate surrounding Villa’s book and the role of Mountbatten. Villa’s work is extremely conspiratorial about the motives for Dieppe and centre’s much of the blame on Mountbatten. Villa’s work certainly shows that he had an axe to grind. For a more balanced view I would recommend some of the work done by Robert Henshaw who examines the role of Canadian Nationalism in the raid. Henshaw does not absolve Mountbatten but does show that it was far more naunced than Villa argues. As an interesting side note about the importance of Canadian Nationalism in wartime was pointed out to me last year by Trevor Harvey, who was talking about the formation of the Canadian Corps in the First World War, and he noted that nationalism was one of the key driving forces in the formation of that unit and its subsequent employment.

As a sidenote I have started another blog to support a unit my students are taking on Mass Media and Social Change in post-war Britain. It is a bit of an experiment to see how it can support the course. Also social and cultural history are not my areas so any thoughts or tips will be graciously recieved.


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