I know Dan Todman has already noted this but I have been asked to spread the word as it were so here is the annoucement for the above conference. The programme looks very promising and I am dissapointed that work will stop me from attending. There will, however, be a book of the conference so not all is lost.

Here is the announcement:

2008 is the ninetieth anniversary of two landmark events in the history of the British armed forces: the creation of the Royal Air Force, the world’s first independent air service, from the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service; and the ‘Hundred Days’ campaign, the greatest series of land victories in British military history. This conference marks these anniversaries. Papers will address land, air and maritime topics, including technology; tactics, operations and strategy; logistics; organisation; command; doctrine; the media; culture; and the legacy of 1918.

There are a limited number of slots available for early-stage scholars to give papers. Please contact Professor Gary Sheffield with offers of presentations.

Organised by the Centre for First World War Studies, University of Birmingham
Defence Studies (Army); Defence Studies (Royal Air Force); Defence Studies (Royal Navy)

Speakers include:
Gary Sheffield, Sebastian Cox, Stephen Badsey

For more information visit the conference website.


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