I have just gotten involved with a new project led by Jeff Demers called Blogging the Second World War. It was announced on H-War last November and I am pleased to be getting involved with this new venture in Second World War history. It is a new way of promoting scholarly debate and discussion and should be supported by both academic and non-academics alike. Many of us run blogs but unfortunately they are sideshows to our main research. However, this blog is being funded and supported, which is a very positive sign. The first post should be going up very soon.

Jeff has stated that:

The goal of the project will be to create an on-line community (and presence) that promotes the study of the war and tracks the latest trends in research. The website will feature book, film and journal reviews, insights into ongoing scholarly debates, explorations of contributors’ research, and general commentary on a whole host of issues relevant to the study of the war.


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