I have been buying more books. What is with us historians we all must have the latest releases as well as the older books that provide the basis for our work. I think it goes back to what Dan Todman was talking bout our need to have all the information at our fingertips. In line with my research I have picked up James DeFelice Rangers at Dieppe. Started reading this the other day and I am sad to say it is already bothering me. Stupid mistakes run through it. The most annoying for me is the fact that he refers to AVM Leigh-Mallory as the naval commander for JUBILEE at one point. These are stupid avoidable mistakes. I may write a full review of it in the future as there are some useful bits on the Rangers part in the raid. I have also picked up Christopher Shores and Chris Thomas’ 2nd Tactical Air Force, Volume 1: From Spartan to Normandy. While a coffee table type book it does have lots of useful information on sorties and losses. In order to get this type of information you would need to trawl through the Form 540’s in squadron ORB’s. So quite useful in terms of reference material. I also picked up Matthew Hughes and William Philpott (Eds.) Palgrave Advances in Modern Military History; this is a useful run down of many of the current debates in academic military history. In terms of air power there is a chapter by Professor John Buckley who wrote Air Power in the Age of Total War. This is a useful précis of the use of air power throughout the 20th century.


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