In Britain one of the leading societies dealing with the history of air power is the Royal Air Force Historical Society.

The society aims to:

…to mount three annual events, two seminars, usually hosted by the RAF Museum at Hendon (although other venues are used occasionally), and an AGM held in London. Each seminar explores a specific theme and takes the form of papers read by interested parties, ranging from academic historians to veterans recalling their personal experiences. It is some indication of the calibre of speakers that the society can attract that participants have included serving and former Chiefs of the Air Staff, Lord Healey, Sir Michael Quinlan, Dr Alfred Price, Air Cdre Henry Probert (a former Head of the AHB) and Prof Peter Hennessy.

Its journal, which is produced three times a year is full of useful information on RAF airpower and should be read by anyone interested in the history of the RAF. They have started putting back issues of their journal up on the RAF museum website. There is a lot of interesting information contained in these volumes. Topics in the journal range from intelligence in war to leadership. Some very useful stuff for any serious air power historian.


6 thoughts on “RAF Historical Society Journal – Online

  1. To: Wing Commander Jefford, Editor of the Journal.
    I would like to have a copy of the text of Air Chief Marshal Broadhurst’s account to the Society, on the occasion of the conference on the Suez debacle, of his meeting with the Foreign Secretary.
    I’m afraid I have given all my copies of the Journal to the local Library.

  2. Jack

    Can I suggest you contact Jack Denham. He is the membership secretary for the society and also deals with sales of the journal. This was just a post about the availiability of the journal online, which may solve your problem. While a member of the society i am nothing to do with it commitee. You are best going to their website.



  3. Please send me the e-mail address of Jeff jefford, Editor of the Journal.
    I want to recommend two books about the Battle of Britain for review in the Journal. (Not including mine!)
    Many thanks,.
    Jack Dixon

  4. Dear Sirs,

    I would like to join your Society. Is sending of the cheque the only solution ?
    Would there be a possibility of a bank transfer ?
    Or, perhaps, simply sending cash in an envelope ?

    Sincerly yours

    Wlodzimierz Mikulicz

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