While doing research over the past few months I been able to visit both sites of the RAF Museum at Hendon and Cosford. Hendon was for research and Cosford was a day out at Christmas. I have posted a load of photos here. While in some academic circles interest in the weapons of war is frowned upon I have to admit to having a very keen interest in the development of military technology. It is Trotsky who commented that ‘War is the locomotive of history.’ it is because of the necessity of was that we now have technology such as the computer. Personally, it is looking at pieces such as this as a young boy when I lived 10 miles from the Tank Museum, Bovington that sparked my interest in military history. There is also some interesting history amongst some very important aircraft and the political decision surrounding their cancellation such as the TSR2 and the Avro CF-105 Arrow. So they should be fully understood not just in their technological context but also in their political context, why were they developed. Think about why the Spitfire was developed and what might have been had it not.


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