Beginning publishing in 1911 the Field Artillery Journal has been the staple US Army publication on the use of artillery and firepower. Well it has now gone online and is searchable. Oh how the net is starting to make the life of the researcher so much easier. Therefore, this is an excellent edition to the net making the life of the researcher much easier when looking for contemporary analysis of artillery and firepower related issues.

As the web page notes:

As stated in the first edition in 1911, the purpose of the magazine was “to disseminate professional knowledge and furnish information as to the artillery’s progress, development and best use in campaign; to cultivate with the other arms a common understanding of the power and limitations of each; to foster a feeling of interdependency among the different arms and of hearty cooperation by all; and to promote understanding between the regular and militia forces by forging a close bond—all of which objects are worthy and contribute to the good of our country.”


2 thoughts on “The Field Artillery Journal

  1. Good find. The internet certainly makes for easier access to material. I’ve found the RUSI journal excellent, especially as the online version runs into the 1980s.

  2. Ali – I agree the net is become a great resource. Access to RUSI is great to. I think the uni goes back to the mid 19th century with it.

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