Gavin at Investigations of a Dog has found a new blog by Mike Ingram called War in the Mediterranean. This is an interesting looking site concentrating on the Mediterranean theatre of WW2. It is also good to see another student from the University of Birmingham here on the blogosphere. Mike is, like myself studying at the Centre for Second World War Studies. From the Centre for First World War Studies we already have Alistair Hollington and his Historic Battlefields blog. This a positive feature from these two research centre’s showing that postgraduate students are starting to use blogs to help with their research.

I have also been in the process of setting up another blog and a website. One of my hobbies is military modelling and drawing. I think most of us who are interested in military history have at some point built an airfix kit. Well I still do it. I thought I would put a blog on the net of my work and here it is;

Military Modelling and Art. I am also a member of a local club and have developed there website, which can be seen here; Cornish Scale Modellers.


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