Thanks to Gavin Robinson I have just found another new and interesting blog on military history. Alistair Hollington’s blog concentrates on the First World War and this is understandable as Alistair is studying for a MA in British First World War Studies at the University of Birmingham‘s Centre for First World War Studies. So far the contents of the site a very interesting with a good review of Peter and Dan Snows new series on Twentieth Century Battlefields. From a personal, and professional, point of view it is great to see another Birmingham University student join us here on the blogosphere. Gary Smailes notes that when he was doing his MA he wishes blogging was around and I have to agree that it is a useful tool. In general blogs are very useful for Masters and PhD students to discuss their research and to place initial thoughts out there. So I hope to see more coming around soon.

2 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. Hi Ross,

    First thank you for your kind comments, I’m looking forward to contributing to the ever expanding military history blogosphere.

    All the best for your studies at Birmingham

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