As I have mentioned before I am about to embark on my MPhil research and I have just had the go ahead from my university, Birmingham. This means I will have the oppurtunity of studying at one of the UK’s leading, if not leading, institutions for Military History. This is an excellent chance and I for one am looking forward to it greatly. Hopefully, the oppurtunities to get some teaching and further reasearch will come along from this.

4 thoughts on “My thesis proposal has been accepted!!

  1. Congratulations! Looks like an interesting proposal. Do you have funding or are you paying for it yourself?

  2. Thanks Gavin. I’m sure it will be an exciting journey over the nexct two year, i’mn doing it part time BTW. As to funding my college is paying for part of it as professional development. The rest is coming from me.

  3. Not that I want to be pedantic but I think you mean ‘accepted’.

    When I handed in my masters (on Beamish & Crawford) I mispelled ‘Guinness’ throughout it, and as my supervisior said, he didn’t know if my extern knew much about brewing history, but he was pretty sure that Tim knew how ‘Guinness’ was spelled!

  4. Mike you are right. You would have thought working with 16 – 18 year olds I would notice stuff like that but I never do. Doh.

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