The latest book added to my ever growing library, my wife never stops complaining about it too, is T C G James’ history of the Battle of Britain. This book forms part of the Whitehall series of RAF Official Histories originally published by Frank Cass but now done by Routledge. The book is one the narratives written by James while he was at the Air Historical Branch. It is the second of a two volume set looking at the development of the air defences from 1936 onwards. These histories were never meant for public consumption and therefore, do not necessarily have the rhetoric which the other ‘Official’ histories have. Thus, the narratives tend to give a clearer cut picture of the events they were written to analyse. As such this volume is full of interesting information and its layout has been mimicked by many historians since. A fuller account of this will follow soon but by the looks of it this is a very interesting addition to the collection.

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