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Having been new to blogging I have been trawling through the internet and I have found some very interesting sites. The first of these is a site by Australian PhD candidate Bret Holman. Bret’s site, and thesis, it is all about the issue of Air mindedness (I do not think that’s a word!) and Britain. An issue, which is extremely interesting so Brett’s site, Airminded, is well worth a peek. Another very interesting site, which I had come across before I started blogging is that of American historian Mark Grimsley. Mark has some interesting articles on the development of military history, which I think anyone with any interest in the subject should have a read of. So have a look at his interestingly named Blog them out of the Stone Age. The final one, for now, it Gavin Robinson’s Investigations of a Dog, which I have been finding very interesting, especially his stuff on Early Modern Cavalry, as I am in the process of teaching the English Civil War to my AS Students and not being my particular area I did find it useful. Gavin is hosting a Military History Carnival, which will be interesting when it starts next month.

The one thing I have noticed from other peoples sites it that they have a tendency to use other sites such as WordPress. So a general question to anyone reading this – what is the best blogging site/software?

2 responses to “Interesting Blogs

  1. Thanks for the kind words! Mark Grimsley’s blog was also one of the first blogs I read before I started one myself.

    Airmindedness or air-mindedness is actually a word, or at least it used to be … just yesterday I was reading a passage from the Daily Mail in 1935 which announced the formation of the National League of Airmen, which aimed to ‘make Britain air-minded and to make the rulers of Britain responsive to that air-mindedness’. It’s not a word that gets used much these days, although historians of aviation culture do like it.

    On the best sort of blogging software, it’s really a matter of whatever works for you, go with that; I went with WordPress because it was flexible, extendable, free, looked nice (and looked different to the zillions of Blogger blogs out there!), and is easy to use. I think Blogger has probably caught up some after the upgrade, but I’m still very happy with WordPress. You can set up one for free if you like at

    Of course there are other ways to blog like Typepad and Myspace — all I know about them is that the one costs money and the other is uniformly ugly!

  2. Bret – I thoug I had heard the word before. It just does not role of the tongue. I am sure I figure out what softwar is best eventually. But this is very easy to use so I like it that way.

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